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“A developed Country is not a place where the poor have cars, but it is where the rich use public transportation”

(Gustavo Petro – Mayer of Bagarto, Columbia)

Our Cities are facing many transport and logistics issues. My concern with beating the highways of Johannesburg daily along with thousands of us is that none of us is looking for a solution?

Daily we see increases in traffic, congestion, road rage,  what of simple solutions first-off. Perhaps if people confirm and others follow we will see some relief.

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What of Pooling  (sharing) for schools/offices

Government should provide subsidies to schools to motivate public transport till high schools . This would reduce traffic.

People drive to their office in empty cars every day in Tier 1 Cities  even when they have good public transport facilities.

By way of example

  • Suppose 500 people are travelling from A to B and to C an approximate distance 30 km, all leaving at the same time in the morning and then back again in the afternoon. So 3000 cars on road, along with taxis, public buses, etc – This in peak hour leading to congestion,  pollution , grid-lock and frustration….just an example.

Lets think on this observation before saying “the traffic was soooooo bad today.

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