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Heads of smaller businesses and start-ups – without the big HR budget – face two major roadblocks. One, the perceived overhead attached to talent management and the complexity thereof. Secondly, leaders continuously battle to articulate their message to the very high-performers they want to attract, while at the same time attempting to remaining competitive with big business brands. Target TalentWorX understands the complexity smaller businesses are faced with, and the risks attached. We’ve been there, and done that.

“The goal is to build a profitable business, not maintain an expensive hobby that will leave you in the poorhouse.” Dawn Fotopulos

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Simplify, start small and plan big.

There is no industry jargon, complex frameworks or programs. Target TalentWorx is a change agent for creating direction for your current and future talent journey. Purposefully built to overcome small and medium business challenges in the following four areas:

Growth Catalyst: Drive up profit and revenue? A high performing sales force can significantly assist business leaders in realising growth ambitions.

Diversification: New market, new industry, new product? With the correct insight, guidance, and right-sized talent management, a well prepared team will be more efficient and effective.

Efficiency: Gaining optimal performance from the resources you have? Faster and smarter naturally reduces overhead and related costs as well as increasing time to value. Identifying ability and motivation in a workforce go far beyond cost control.

Innovation: Transforming, disrupting or creating an entirely new market? Determining whether or not a team has the propensity to innovate, or if a particular management style suppresses innovation, will determine the outcome of your big idea.

Why Choose Us

  • We bring Talent to the Table that you can’t!
  • A trusted, Executive Search Recruitment & Advisory Firm – Africa Reach, Local Touch
  • An Influential, Trusted partner in Executive Search Recruitment
  • Executive Search Intelligence
  • Leading Africa Search & Leadership Consulting

What Our Client’s Say

“Target TalentWorX is part of a fundamental decision making process that affects all parties on a very personal level. The process of sourcing the right talent is always very thorough, considering skills, experience, personality, company culture, personal preferences and market-worth.”
CFO, Multinational FMCG Company

“Target Search & Selection conducts itself with utmost professionalism, efficiency and integrity.”

GROUP HR EXECUTIVE, Power & Energy Company

“We are very pleased with the attentiveness to our requirements, the level of support and feedback provided, and timeliness of response.”

SNR VP HR, Power Solutions Company
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