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We are committed to compliance with the Protection of Personal information (POPI) Act and will always;

  1. Sufficiently inform data subjects (Candidates / Applicants / Work Seekers hereafter referred to as “Candidate/s”), the specific purpose for which we will collect and process their person; information;
  2. Protect personal Information from threats, whether internal or external, deliberate of accidental, to ensure business continuation, minimise business damage and maximise business opportunities.

The policy establishes measures, processes and standards for the protection and lawful processing of personal information.

The Information Officer, Gail Burns is responsible for :

  • The monitoring of this policy
  • Ensuring that this policy is supported by appropriate documentation;
  • Ensuring that this policy and subsequent updates are communicated to relevant managers, representatives, staff and associates, where applicable.

All employees, are responsible for adhering to this policy and for reporting any security breaches or incidents to the Information Officer – Gail Burns.

Service Providers that provide IT and / or Off Site Data Storage, to our organisation must satisfy us that they provide adequate protection of data held by them on our behalf.

Policy Principles

Accountability for data to be Collected

  • We shall take reasonable steps to safeguard all Data and Personal Information collected form Candidates for the purpose of Permanent and Temporary Recruitment.

Processing Limitation / Purpose for Data Collection

  • We will collect Personal Information directly from Candidates.
  • Personal Information from Social Networks and Job Seeker portals will be collected with express consent of the Candidate/s
  • Once in our possession we will only process of further process Candidate Information with their consent, except where we are required to do so by law.. In the latter case, we will always inform the candidate.

Specific Purpose

  • Personal information collected form candidate/s will be used to secure Permanent of Temporary employment o behalf of Candidate/s

Limitation on Further Processing

  • Personal information may not be further processed in a way that is incompatible with the initial purpose for which it was collected and will only be done with the express consent of the Candidate/s

Information Quality

  • We shall ensure that Candidate Information is complete, up to date and accurate before we use it. We will request Candidate/s, at least once annually, to update their information and confirm that we may continue to store retain same. If we are unable to make contact, their information will be deleted from our records.

Transparency / Openness

  • Where personal information is collected from a source other than directly from Candidate (EG Social Media), Job Portals) we will make candidates aware;
  • That their information is being collected and the specific reason;
  • Who is collecting their information by giving them our details

Data Security

  • We will implement sufficient measures to guard against the risk of unlawful access, loss, damage or destruction of persona information that is held; Physically in our electronic data base, by a Date Storage Service Provider
  • In any electronic devices (that will be Password protected)
  • Data encryption of storage devices will be installed
  • We are committed to ensuring that information is only used for legitimate purposes with candidate consent and only by authorised employees of our Firm

Participation of Individuals / Complaints

  • Complaints should be submitted in writing to the Information Officer for resolution
  • Requests to access, correct and delete information must be made on the attached annexure 1 and 2 and submitted to the Information Officer

Operational Considerations


The Board / Management and Information Officer are responsible for ensuring adherence to standard operating procedures,

All employees and individuals directly associated with recruiting activities will be trained in the regulatory requirements governing the protection of personal information

We will conduct periodic reviews and audits, where appropriate,  to ensure compliance with this policy and guidelines

Policy Compliance

Breach/es of this policy could result in disciplinary action and termination of employment