Leadership Engagement & Departure

How and when a leader exits reverberates throughout the organisation. The difference between a smooth transition and corporate chaos is an organic succession strategy, communication and PR plan. Target TalentWorX works with organisations to improve engagement levels for high-potential employees in current or future leadership roles. Conversely, we also address ‘the leadership of leaving’ an organisation responsibly and effectively.

“You cannot buy engagement, and you will pay for disengagement”. Adele du Rand

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Exiting leaders hold pivotal moments in organisational life.

With consumers growing ever more fickle and increasingly promiscuous in their brand loyalty, corporate boards must ensure there is a charismatic, revered, and engaged successor in waiting. Failure to do so could not only have an adverse impact on morale, but also negatively affect share value.

Exiting leaders hold pivotal moments in organisational life. They provide opportunities for transformative change, but also for organisational missteps. Whether an executive director plans to leave in a few years or if a departure date is regrettably undefined, succession planning while understanding engagement gets your organisation prepared.

What we offer:

  • Custom engagement analysis and impact report
  • Executive departure / transition readiness analysis
  • Engagement strategies
  • Emergency succession, PR and reputation management
  • Coaching for a successful exit

Why Choose Us

  • We bring Talent to the Table that you can’t!
  • A trusted, Executive Search Recruitment & Advisory Firm – Africa Reach, Local Touch
  • An Influential, Trusted partner in Executive Search Recruitment
  • Executive Search Intelligence
  • Leading Africa Search & Leadership Consulting

What Our Client’s Say

“Target TalentWorX is part of a fundamental decision making process that affects all parties on a very personal level. The process of sourcing the right talent is always very thorough, considering skills, experience, personality, company culture, personal preferences and market-worth.”
CFO, Multinational FMCG Company

“Target Search & Selection conducts itself with utmost professionalism, efficiency and integrity.”

GROUP HR EXECUTIVE, Power & Energy Company

“We are very pleased with the attentiveness to our requirements, the level of support and feedback provided, and timeliness of response.”

SNR VP HR, Power Solutions Company
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