“There’s a wartime saying: Never send a messenger on the same route twice, because the enemy will learn his movements… and get him. Success is probably the best predictor of future failure,” said sports scientist Dr Ross Tucker. He was discussing the measurement of high performance with Private Edition, a South African luxury magazine with a target readership of thought leaders, captains of industry and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Fuelled by his current interest in high-performance culture, talent identification and management, the limits of human performance, and performance and wellness in companies, Tucker has been looking at the running culture in countries such as Kenya and Jamaica to discover whether their methodology for success could be applied to the business world. “Since 1980, (Kenya) has won more Olympic and World Championship medals than every other continent, excluding Africa, combined… The African dominance is so fascinating that it compels us to ask whether Kenya and Jamaica offer lessons that we can all use to help understand, and then construct, our own pockets of excellence.”

Kenya, together with South Africa and Nigeria, is singled out in the latest Mergermarket review of African mergers and acquisitions (M&A) for its ability to turn “challenges into opportunities by working to improve regulation and introduce greater transparency – both of which were among the principal obstacles to dealmaking.”

The report is the fourth edition of Deal Drivers Africa, published cialis au meilleur prix in February 2016 in collaboration with FBNQuest, Merrill Corporation and Control Risks, highlights an overall increase quel pays viagra sans ordonnance in deals by 1% since 2014 despite a drop in value by 26% to US$27.3bn. South Africa was the biggest M&A market, concluding more than half the deals on the continent, the report stated. The product of a survey conducted among 100 M&A practitioners operating in Africa, the report reveals the insights of a group of corporate executives, private equity investors, legal advisers and investment bankers who foresee an increase in M&A activity in Africa in 2016, especially in the energy, mining and utilities sector, the industrial and chemicals sector as well as the consumer sector.

The outlook is optimistic, but these deals come with intrinsic challenges. Almost half the survey respondents had been involved in a failed M&A bid during the last two years, an outcome that historically points to a lack of human capital integration and communication. They said that in addition to seeking human resources input and guidance through the process from the outset, it was crucial to enlist the help of an adviser with local experience in legal, due diligence, cybersecurity and IT-related issues.

Finalising the deal is the first step on a long and often difficult road towards profitability, largely dependent on the management of human capital. How do you facilitate a successful transition, a change of leadership, a merging of staff and operational culture while keeping your eye on maintaining and levitradosageus24.com eventually improving margins? Very carefully, some would say. Communication is key, and human resources plays a vital part in that. Returning to the sports-business analogy, Tucker says that if he had to choose one factor that influences how we process and pursue success, it would be culture which “only exists because the right types of individuals existed in the first place. You cannot force a certain predisposition or a set of attitudes on people when there is no inclination for them to have it…” He attributes the sporting success of Kenya, Ethiopia and Jamaica partly to the presence of role models with “the capability to succeed”. This is why business leaders seek people with intelligence, work ethic and passion, because only those http://www.cialispharmaciefr24.com/cialis-au-meilleur-prix/ individuals can buy into, and deliver, on the broader elements of a vision or purpose, and thus culture. This is the talent part of success, and it is absolutely critical to recognise…

In the world of elite sport, the difference between anonymity and legendary status is a commitment to the pursuit of “perfection in every decision, practice viagra sans ordonnance and sacrifice. This is the lesson that sport teaches us, and it is one that business can learn from. For here too, in a competitive world, victory belongs to those who pursue it relentlessly, systematically, with intelligence, and with the understanding that creating a culture of ‘performance perfection’ defines legendary success.”