What will the Engineer of Tomorrow be like?

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Engineers of the past spent hours drawing the intricacies of designs. With various tools they navigated the boundaries of physics, science and mathematics to iconic forms to life. The engineer of the current then emerges using CAD and many other digital tools - achieving the same thing but just faster and more accurately as they solved [...]

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A Study for Digital Disruption and Invention

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Digital technology is widely reported  to have only just begun to infiltrate our Industries. As it continues to gather momentum, the effects  for revenues, profits, and opportunities will be extensive. As new markets emerge, profit pods shift, and digital technologies become part of the course of every day life, it’s easy to assume that the economy’s [...]

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Why Invest In Africa – Why Not!?

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WHY INVEST IN AFRICA - WHY NOT ! ? The conversation about Africa is shifting from one of “deficits” and “gaps” to one about opportunities, prospects, ventures and creativity. That’s not news to companies that have paid close attention to the continent and invested there. The fast growing youth population, the urbanization expected to drive over [...]

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