I’ve a vivid memory of my introduction to my career in Recruitment in the early days of 1988 when I started my journey with a keen awareness of what I thought then was fairly positive, have now been exposed to what seems to be the dearth of leadership on our continent and indeed our beloved South Africa. But I have promises to keep and miles to go to make strides here and before I pass on my legacy.

Having worked all these years across various industry types and across many disciplines at Senior and executive level, I’m convinced now more than ever that S.A. needs selfless, ethical, brave, and capable Leaders with passion and drive to move this forward! Those who realise that for South Africa to reach its full potential we need to ensure that there are opportunities for them.

I’m further convinced that it should be immaterial whether these skills are localised or imported from abroad – this should seriously not matter – however we are failing here dismally, whilst there is still no clear plan on how to fix our education crisis!

Not only are we losing talent to the rest of the world, but we are also in a struggle to convince other nations’ brightest and most talented to come to South Africa.

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